Design & Prototyping

We provide mechanical design & prototyping services for those that want to quickly bring an idea to reality. We can provide a complete design package for you including solid models, detail and assembly drawings, material and process specifications, bills-of-material and manufacturing cost estimates

Don’t need our usual full design cycle? No problem, we will focus on your design ideas and have your prototype or proof-of-concept in a hurry.

If you’re ready to turn questions into answers, solutions and action, call our Principal Mechanical Engineer Edwin Jones now at 858-314-9858.

Take advantage of our network of local and regional suppliers of machined or sheetmetal parts to have a real design prototype in just weeks. Or 3D prototyped in just days.

We strongly believe in the competitive time advantage provided by 3D rapid prototyping which can cut weeks down to days, for the right design. Depending on the parts and cost, we can advise you on the right technology, be it FDM, SLA, SLS or PolyJet, among others. These have the added advantage of being available in a variety of materials, textures and colors. These are greatly advantageous if the final product will be injection molded, since they can closely mimic the final product while saving the expense and time of tooling.