Optical & Magnetic Sensors

We have extensive experience designing and developing sensors for detecting currency security features. Many of these are also applicable in other fields and we can help you develop them too. We can help you every step of the way, from conceptualization, design, prototyping, testing to the release of the complete documentation package for production.

Optical Sensors

Do you need an optical sensor to read at high speed and high resolution in a compact, affordable package? Let us provide the mechanical design for your next optical sensor system. We can help you source lenses, lights, detectors and design the housing around them.

Magnetic Sensors

Looking for a compact high sensitivity magnetic sensor? We’ve developed those too. From reading the magnetic thread to detecting the magnetic signature of coins, we’ve designed the mechanical packaging for them.

Our other projects include a dual hall sensor for diameter sensing and a capacitive sensor for sensing internal security features and thickness.

We’ve even developed small handheld sensor systems.

If you have an existing mechanical design package we can miniaturize it or help you reduce your end cost.

If you’re ready to turn questions into answers, solutions and action, call our Principal Mechanical Engineer Edwin Jones now at 858-314-9858.

Currency Sorting Machine

Currency Sorting Machine