Product Development Process

Our normal project development process generally follows these stages, though each project is unique in its own way. If our clients have already begun, we can pick up the project at any point. We hold your product ideas in the strictest confidence and we can work under an NDA if desired.

Project Definition

Generate a list of your ideas, requirements and end goals for your product. The better we develop this information, the better we can serve you.

Engineering Proposal

We review the information gathered previously and generate a proposal specific to your project. We deliver an outline of each phase with requirements for progressing from one phase to another.


We work with you to conceptualize designs and specifications that fit your product’s form, fit and function. At all times we keep the final product in mind, to ensure our concepts are cost effective and reasonable to manufacture.

Preliminary Design

Our preliminary design is created from the specifications and concepts developed previously. We create a CAD model to help visualization and a Bill of Materials to help with cost projections. At this stage a large portion of the design and engineering should be complete. However, after the Preliminary Design Review, any changes desired by our client can be incorporated into the following stage, be it modifications or new features.

Critical Design

In this stage we incorporate any changes that were discovered or added during the Preliminary Design Review. We finalize the CAD models and Bill of Materials and create a complete documentation package including part & assembly drawings. This will allow us to obtain accurate pricing from manufacturing & assembly houses for final production. At this time we conduct a Critical Design Review to present the final package.

Prototypes/Proof-of-Concept & Testing

Depending on the particular project and client, Prototypes/Proof-of-Concept & Testing can occur after the Preliminary Design stage, or the Critical Design stage. Or quite likely both. We build a prototype of your product and test it’s form, fit & function.

Design Refinement

If we discover something that needs to be modified in the prototype & testing stage or in early manufacturing we can now update the product design, documentation and Bill of Materials.

Product Documentation

At this stage the product design is complete and it’s documentation can be finalized.

Manufacturing Support

We work with you to select a manufacturing partner and ensure they can successfully deliver your product as expected. We can provide ongoing support during manufacturing in case something unexpected happens and requires further modification.